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I just seen this on Sky Sports .....

The team who wins the Champions League receives 27 million pounds.

If a team qualifies for the group stages of the Champions League they get 13 million pounds.

The team who finishes BOTTOM.....

Yes BOTTOM of the Premier League recieves 30 million pounds......:eek:

And this goes up by 750,000 pounds per place they finish above bottom !!!

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Well the teams that get relegated get parachute payments so they can try and keep their club in one piece. Teams that get relegated regularly lose their best players, crowd attendance goes down and so do the revenues from advertising and sponsorship. i think in a way its fairer for these teams to get the money.
On a whole though, these are ridiculous amounts of money. Its just the game today.

carlyluvsunited said:
So he knew this years prize money that was introduced 6 months ago......

Over a year ago......

Incredible.....I'm impressed.........a career in journalism beckons :p
Carly, it was introduced 6 months ago but it was announced in april/may 2006 ( think it was after the 2006 final ) how much the prize money was going to be.

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