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carlyluvsunited said:
Carlisle United ....

Leeds were 2-0 down but got a goal back on 93 mins 30 seconds !
It was actually about 95 mins 30 secs!

My dad is a Carlisle fan and is furious.

Firstly, the Leeds player, Andy Hughes I think, kicked out at one of the Carlisle players and should have been sent off, but was only booked. This was about the 93 min 30 secs.

Then he played about 96 mins when there was only 94, albeit there was a lot of time wasted with the situation up there ^.

I actually found it funny. I don't like Carlisle for the way my dad goes on, so I couldn't care less as long as neither team go up :p

Carlisle went one up. Danny Graham put the ball out for what should have been a goal-kick, but the ref gave Carlisle a corner. The ball was crossed in, and headed out. Hackney volleyed the ball towards goal, it hit Danny Grahams backside and deflected in.

The second goal was a low cross into the box and Bridge-Wilkinson tapped it in from about 5 yards. But on second look, it was terrible defending by Leeds, and their 2 central midfield players weren't bothered about tracking back to help.

Then, after the situation up there ^, in the 95 min, Leeds pumped the ball into the box. The physical Leeds player, Kandol put off the Carlsle defender, it hit either the Carlisle or Leeds player at the back post, rolled back to the middle of the goal where Dougie Freedman was to slam to ball into the net.

(That enough information for you Jazz ;))
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