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more severe punishments?

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i've heard that, there's going to be really severe punishments for the players on the pitch who use foul language or gestures from now on, but if this happens don't you think we'll be seeing a lot less of Rooney... do you think that this can actually happen? Or is it just another warning to make players behave better on the pitch?:confused:
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Couple of weeks ago there was an incident here in the dutch league involving Perez (Ajax) and a linesman. Perez said to the linesman that he was a f*cking ****** (free translation, he also used the word cancer). A few days later there was another one with Sneyder (also Ajax) and the ref. Sneyder said to him that he was a blind asshole. It's clear that this is not the kind of behaviour u want players to have. Ofcourse there will always be some words said during the game but there's a difference between offencing someone or just being mad at yourself.
I thought Perez was suspended 5 games, Sneyder 3. correct me if i'm wrong.

imo players who're offencive or calling names at someone else during a game should be punished real hard. No matter who it is, so even Rooney.
That so called controlled agression can also be a huge positive boost for some players
some players just push it too far. think the rules are good as they are now
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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