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Instead of thinking about his teams chances this season this nutbolt is waiting for Ferguson to retire so that he they can 'pounce'. He is trying to compare their history with ours and sees Benitez as the next Fergie :eek: :D . He thinks Rafa will guide them to Premier League title when he hasn't been able to do it in the last 4 years :eek:

Even IF we don't do it this year, a Liverpool Title is becoming all but inevitable now and there's NOTHING Ferguson can do about it and you know what? He knows this as well as we do.
That statement really sums up what the Scousers have been thinking for 19 long years! Even if we don't win this year.....we'll win next year as if the title is going to come walking to the analfield :rolleyes:

According to him Fergie gone = United gone! What an idiot! I guess this has to be expected from the Scousers! :D :D :p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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