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Most Britons pick £38,000 as their ideal salary

Noticed this forum hardly ever talks about financial matters. Even the only football financial thread receives lukewarm response at best. How about personal financial matters? Just wondering but I won't fall off my chair if it does again...


It may be a few days' work for a Premiership footballer or spare change to a hedge fund tycoon, but £38,000 is the figure most people would pick as their ideal salary.

Workers believe the figure - £13,000 above the national average - would be enough to live a comfortable life, a survey found.

A poll of 4,500 workers by recruitment firm also found that most would be content to take home less than £40,000 a year for the rest of their life.

But two thirds of those questioned believed they would never reach their ideal pay packet in their current job and two out of five said that they would continue to move jobs until they earned more.

More than a quarter of workers also claimed never to have had a pay rise, while a third said they had waited a year or more since their last increase.

Half of those polled said they felt too embarrassed to discuss pay in a job interview or request a rise in their current position and 58pc would not speak to their boss about one if they had an appraisal looming.

Although the ideal figure of £38,000 is well above the average, it is modest by comparison with other big earners' wages.

The report estimated that it equated to just two days' work for Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo, or just 10 minutes' labour for Wall Street's highest earner yet, John Paulson.

Mr Paulson netted $3.7bn (£1.9bn) last year by betting against sub-prime mortgages.

"Far from wanting to be millionaires, Brits have a fairly realistic annual salary in mind that they'd like to earn," said Keith Potts, chief executive of

"The key to negotiating a good salary at interview or with your current employer is having the confidence to show what your skills and expertise are worth."

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Zuco just read my mind there! That is quite a shocking salary imo...with the lifestyle and price of things in England especially how come its that low? I would of guessed maybe minimum 60,000 pounds per annum as the ideal average for people living there...

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i can honestly say that i am british and if i get to the age of 40 and im only on £38,000 a year i will probley say wow this life has sucked so far. Prob cause most people have given up due to our incredible taxes and fuel prices due to our terrible government. That is why their is a massive increase in people leaving our country for countries such as spain canada new zeland etc. the most amazing part about it is that my 3 bedroom house has a value that in america and canada can match a 6 bedroom house with a double garage and a swimming pool.

Only problem with that tho is if we all leave we all miss out on manchester what would you prefere guys. life in america or life watching man utd

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It all depends on what you intend to do with the money.

As most people seem to think only of themselves then £38,000 is about right.

With this amount you could indeed live a very nice life with this cash.

Personally I am aiming for £100,000 per year ...

1. To enable me to have a nice life ...

2. My family to have a nice life ...

3. For me to reach some goals pertaining to other individuals too
who are not in a position to help themselves.

I already earn much more than I need for myself personally.

So would even be happy to stay as I am.

But ambition stops us all doing that surely.

However, having said all this, I'm not a Briton like the title of the
thread suggests so it's irrelevant really.
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