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I was routing for Arsenal to win it, I watched the whole game live on TV. When the last goal went in, I thought, Typical Chelsea, although the first Chelsea goal was offside, it shouldn't of been given, but Chelsea this season, seem to be getting "debatable" goals, goals that probably should not of been accepted.

I would of loved to see Arsenal win it, and Chelsea winning no trophies this season. But it looks like Chelsea will only win the Carling cup this season, like we did, but this time, we will win the Premiership, no question. Consistancy is the key to success.

And when will John Terry admit injury? He's never out of the side, I would of thought a bang on the head like that would of ended his season and the apparent ankle injury he had before the cup final, and his back injury, which he had operated on earlier last month, has not even affected him.
I just wish John Terry would be out injured for once, instead of acting like the tough wounded soilder, atleast until after we play them at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are useless without him in defence.
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