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Most Successful English Team EVER Is...............

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EVERTON :eek: :eek:

...............While Liverpool (18), Manchester United (16) and Arsenal (13) have won more Premiership and old Division One league titles, Everton (nine) have accumulated more points.

During their 102 seasons in the top league, Everton have played 3986 matches, winning 1623, drawing 977 and losing 1386, which gives them (using the old system of two points for a win) 4223 points. That's better than second-placed Liverpool (4192 points), Arsenal (4116), Aston Villa (3879) and fifth-placed Manchester United (3774), all of whom have played considerably fewer seasons in the top flight.

Newcastle, Manchester City, Sunderland, Tottenham and Chelsea make up the top 10

So what have you got to say about that then huh :confused:
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spellbound said:
Two things....First its awesome to see scousers is the 'minor team' in the city of Liverpool :D and second... The stats must be wrong since City is on the top 10 list :D

Thanks for the fun stats. Do you have similar stats for PL only??
Citeh are a massive club yes ?


I will try to find PL stats for you too OK.....Manchester United will win this very, very easily though
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