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Manchester, and States. :eek: - MOURINHO: I COULDN'T SAY NO TO MANYOO - All The News - Football365 News

Posted 30/03/09 08:56

Jose Mourinho says that he could not say no to the Manchester United job, should he be offered it when Alex Ferguson retires.

Mourinho has long been mentioned as a potential successor to Ferguson, and speculation has mounted that the United manager will retire at the end of next season, after comments made by his son Darren last week.

And when asked if he could one day take the United job, Mourinho is quoted in The Sun as saying:

"Who can say no? Nobody could say 'no'.

"Manchester United belongs to a small group of clubs around the world where nobody can say 'no'.

"But I don't believe he is leaving in 2010. I think he will be the same the year after, healthy and happy.

"I don't see a reason for him to quit and I hope he still goes on."

Mourinho went on to comment on the mutual respect between himself and Ferguson:

"We both know how to lose and we know how to win.

"That's why after the 14 matches we have played between us - Porto, Chelsea and Inter - whether I win, he wins, or we draw, afterwards, the same respect is there."

The Inter boss - currently sitting on top of Serie A - also suggested some other destinations later in his career:

"When you become a national coach life changes completely.

"You become much more an analyst than a coach. You train twice a month, you play once a month, sometimes once every two months.

"You have to wait for the big competitions to come round to become really involved like the World Cup. So at this stage it's not for me.

"But in the future, yes, and the US can be my future yes, and not just as national team manager but even a club team manager.

"It's the kind of country where you feel you could do something. There is huge potential

I don't know if I buy a word of that, but it'd certainly be something I'd welcome.
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