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reddwarf said:
Jose Mourinho has won domestic leagues and cups in 2 countries (Portugal and England), the UEFA Cup and Champions League. He also has experience at assistant coach level (under Bobby Robson - perhaps the best England manager since Ramsey) in Portugal and Spain.

He speaks English and has extensive knowledge of the English game.

He's not afraid to make tactical changes at any point during the game or to drop big name players who aren't performing (Shevchenko).

He has the ego to handle the pressure and the media handling skills to handle the press.

I really can't think of a better candidate.
Good post Dwarf. He seems to be the ideal candidate for all the reasons you pointed out, though there are a few out there (Capello and O'Neill) for instance. If England got Mourihno then your national team would be feared throughout the world. The players are there already, so all you need is that extra something in the manager which he will give you.
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