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I read Brian Clough's book......


He was Mourinhoesque - very similar in style and the way he acted and treated

He would have won the world cup for England if they make him England manager
but they were too scared of him. They said he would take over the whole
England operation from top level right down to schoolboy level.

Cloughie said "Yes I would have too".......

Mourinho is likely to do the same too but the FA must realise it's time to shut up
now - and appoint someone who is a class act like Mourinho and leave him to get
on with the job.

Look how many Chelsea players said in public they were upset he left he has loyalty from his players.

Look how many Chelsea fans were upset when he left - the fans love him !

I love him - I think he is absolutely brilliant as a coach !

Even when he loses Mourinho comes right out and shows himself - remember the
famous 'chin up' gestures to the Chelsea fans ?

He needs time as well - this is a big job and he should be hired until at least 2014
world cup - a long contract I know but he WILL win I am sure.

I will be jealous as hell if England get him - I would love for him to manage
Romania for us......

But have the FA got big enough balls to do it :confused:

I don't think they have !!!
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