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yeh, but if its true he wont be our next manager lol.
Wonder what would happen to him if he did do it?
I know.

But I just don't like the fact that when there's an allegation of assault/rape/whatever against any of ours players it's "innocent until proven guilty" but yet when it's someone else people automatically assume that they're guilty.

But, if he is proven to be guilty I'll find it hilarious ;) :p

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On the one side, I wouldn't be surprised. He did tore one of Sporting allowed jerseys when he lost to us.
It's common knowledge he hates loosing.

On the other hand, he didn't seem that pissed off, and after everything post-game, punching a guy on his way to the bus...? Isn't there security there, and surveilance cameras, etc.?

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Inter Milan have denied allegations that manager Jose Mourinho assaulted a fan after Wednesday's defeat to Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League.

It has been alleged that the former Chelsea chief clashed with a supporter near the Inter team bus as he left Old Trafford after Inter's 2-0 elimination at the last 16 stage.

Greater Manchester Police have contacted United to request CCTV footage of the area and have confirmed a complaint has been made.

However, Inter insist that Mourinho, who took over at the Giuseppe Meazza in the summer, is innocent.

A statement from the Italian club read: "At the end of the game, the Portuguese tactician gave interviews to the European media, signed autographs, watched the penalties of the Roma versus Arsenal game before saluting (Sir Alex) Ferguson in his office.

"After giving the last interview to Inter Channel, he entered the team bus that was parked outside the dressing rooms and hence it was a very calm post-game experience."

Nemanja Vidic headed United an early lead in Wednesday night's second leg, with Cristiano Ronaldo completing the scoring from Wayne Rooney's cross at the start of the second half.

Sky Sports | Football | Champions League | News | Inter deny Jose allegations

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I punched a Leeds fan once, big deal. Something tells me if there was any physical contact, it probably wasn't a punch, so much as a pinch on the cheek or a light slap. The idea of Jose Mourinho punching anyone makes me ponder the likelihood of Justin Timberlake punching someone.

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daily mail

Fan 'was punched by Jose' - police probe Manchester United supporter's claim after Inter clash

Jose Mourinho will be interviewed by English police after being accused of punching a Manchester United supporter in the wake of Inter Milan’s loss at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

Greater Manchester Police last night revealed that the former Chelsea manager is being investigated after a fan — believed to be from East Anglia — complained that he had been assaulted as he waited by the Inter team bus.

The controversial coach is believed to have been forcing his way through a throng of supporters at around midnight after finishing his media duties and sharing a drink with Sir Alex Ferguson after Inter’s 2-0 Champions League defeat.

Mourinho, 46, is alleged to have lashed out at a fan who had been one of many chanting: ‘You’re going home, you’re going home’.

An hour or so earlier — in his post-match press conference — he had quipped that anyone who wanted to criticise him would have to ‘fight’ him first, though it is not thought that he meant his comments to be taken literally. Mourinho was not contactable in Italy yesterday, having given a press conference at Inter’s training ground minutes before the news of the allegation broke in England.

However, the Italian club did move to claim Mourinho was innocent. A spokesman said: ‘As far as we are concerned, nothing happened. The coach was surrounded by several hundred people and Jose was simply making his way back to it so they could go to the airport.

‘We are obviously aware of this allegation as it is being reported in the Italian media, but as far as we are concerned nothing happened. There is no truth in it.’

The area outside Old Trafford where the visiting team’s coach pulls up is usually guarded heavily by stewards and security for 90 minutes or so after the game.

It is possible, though, that this security may have been scaled down on Wednesday by the time that Mourinho eventually went to leave the stadium.

Eyewitnesses from the Italian media, waiting outside the stadium for another word with Mourinho, claimed last night that nothing untoward happened. Police from Manchester may now have to travel to Italy to speak to Mourinho or demand that he returns to answer their questions.

Officers were last night studying CCTV footage from outside the stadium and a police spokeswoman said: ‘Shortly before midnight last night a man reported that he had been punched in the face outside Old Trafford.

‘We are investigating an allegation of common assault.’

The supporter involved was not injured and did not require hospital treatment but he contacted police shortly afterwards. United would only confirm they are aware of the allegation and would make no further comment.

Mourinho is known to hold ambitions of returning to the Barclays Premier League as Sir Alex Ferguson’s eventual successor at Old Trafford and clearly this incident — whether it is proven or not — will not do much to help his case.

Earlier, he had exchanged high-fives with United fans as he entered the field before the game and had been applauded off the field by some of them at the end.
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