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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes that Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be England's player of the year but that Manchester United must achieve success to vindicate that claim.

Mourinho was speaking to BBC Radio Five Live and clearly feels that Ronaldo's team needs a trophy before he can regarded as the best player in the country or in Europe.

The Portuguese winger has been in scintillating form this season, scoring 38 goals, and his compatriot thinks that he has hitherto been the best player in the country by a considerable distance.

However, Mourinho, as a manager who always stressed the power of the collective over the individual, feels that in order for Ronaldo to be legitimately the best player, his team must be the best team.

Mourinho has been increasingly vocal of late, commenting on a broad range of topics across the world of football and his opinion on Ronaldo seems to be another such soundbite.

He said: "I think the player of the year must be the best of the year but also a winner of the year. I don't think it can be a player without a big trophy.

"Clearly, what Ronaldo did this year has been magnificent and by some distance he has been the best player in the Premier League.

"For me the best is always a winner because football is a collective sport.

"So, if Manchester United does something important by winning the Premier League or Champions League I, and not just me but the whole football world, would give him the Golden Boot."
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