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Mourinho upto his mind games once again

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has cast doubt on Liverpool's title aspirations, claiming he fears Arsenal and Manchester United more due to 'the quality of their football'.

Read the entire article at's+Reds

Cleary Jose is upto his mind games and this shows there's no love lost between Liverpool and Chelski.
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I agree with him though, mainly because I despise Liverpool :p

Yeah good old
Oh if only he wasn't being sarcastic about it and actually meant that our quality of football was good...
i think i have 2 agree with jose he is spot on about liverpool.they have a fantastic midfield in Gerrard and alonso but up front there virtually useless compared to the firepower of man utd ( rooney etc ), arsenal ( henry ) and Chelsea ( Sheva ).liverpool have no chance

I just can't c crouch getting 20 goals a season like owen did
Considering the fact that Liverpool actually play a 4-5-1 system, their front line shouldn't really be considered weak. Crouch may not score goals, but he can get them goals by the way he links up the play with the midfield. Gerrard, Alonso, Luis Garcia, Kewell... they're all able to chip in with more than a few goals.
Crouch won't get 20 goals..and we're better than're correct RoyKeaneisMagic!

I agree with you 100%
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