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Move Over Rio - Rooney Wants To Be Captain !

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Rio Ferdinand did a good enough job as England captain against France this
week, but his time as leader on the pitch may be shorter than he imagined.

According to the Daily Mail Fabio Capello is lining up Wayne Rooney to take over
the role for the friendly against the United States in May.

"Capello believes Rooney, 22, is the country's only world-class talent but wants
more from the Manchester United striker and is prepared to make him England's
third-youngest captain after Bobby Moore and Michael Owen to achieve it," it

And apparently he is also contemplating calling up Dean Ashton to solve his
striker crisis.

Would Rooney make a good England captain?
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why not, he is the only naturally gifted technical player we have...joe cole is decent but very predictable and gerrard is on off...rooney is comfortable with a ball and is our best offensive player, give him a chance, whats to loose if capello is just experimenting with his captain right now
Rooney would be an excellent captain imo! He did well for United in Rome and his determination and will to win is very very good and even better than that idiot Gerrard. The new captain should be either Rio or Rooney or even Gary Neville when he gets back to fitness imo. There was not even one Man United player playing when England lost vs Croatia and this is why I think a United player should be the new captain.
Yeah, he definitely deserves a chance.

His temperment is questionable though and if situations got heated in a match Rooney could fly off the handle!!!!
Yeah if Terry Gerrard and Rio all get a chance Wayne should hes just as good as any of them!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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