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Munich 50th Anniversary

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I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about a proposal that has been put to the Club for a unique tribute to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich tragedy next February and how you can help to bring it about.
The proposal is that for the home game nearest to February 6th that the team play in an EXACT replica kit of the 58 side.Modern materials but identical design.
That means no AIG, no Nike or Premier League logos and that the starting players be numbered 1 - 11. I am convinced that this could happen as a one off.
There are strong indications from my sources within the Club that this proposal is being very seriously considered and I am very hopeful of a positive outcome.
I believe that the Sponsors would get more publicity from allowing it to happen than they would if the team ran out in the 'normal' kit. There is a precedent for a one off shirt in the PL. Blackburn Rovers had one for a 125 year anniversary as did Spurs recently.
I believe that this would be a poignant and dignified tribute to ALL those who died in Munich.
The alternative is the dreadful minutes silence/applause which would no doubt be abused by the visiting supporters.
I believe that the 50th anniversary deserves a unique acknowledgment, personally I don't think there would be a dry eye in the Stadium.
This proposal has the backing of
I have not heard of anyone who is against the idea, it has 100% support from United fans.
The story so far is that a letter has been sent to David Gill via Uniteds Director of Communication,Phil Townsend (who incidentally loves the idea and can see the benefits to the sponsors and the Club).
I have received a message from a former player who hopes to discuss the idea on MUTV in the near future. There has been a petition set up on the Downing street website which currently has over 800 signatures. I do know that the Government won't take the slightest bit of interest in the proposal but the petition is a public place where YOU can add your name, thus adding more weight to the argument.
I would urge you to sign the petition here.

If you are able to offer help or support it would be greatly appreciated particularly anyone who has a contact within the Club ( or even a friend of a friend).
This could happen IF the Club has the WILL to do it. They have all the necessary contacts with the Sponsors and the PL.They CAN make it happen and hopefully with your support we can persuade them that they should do it.
Thanks for reading this.
I found this on the 24-7 forum and think this is a great idea so come on all you Reds, lets make it happen! :)
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