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burnzy1987 said:
we cannot let them down.
You got it spot on there 'burnzy'.

I read this and thought 'Oh no ... here we go again'.

We lost at home to City on that very poignant day back in February for one
reason ... so much pressure and tabloid activity about '50 Years Since Munich'
that the players heads must have been fried !

I don't mean any disrespect to Munich or anything connected with it ... of course
we should never forget ... I even mention it in my sig.

But it's a lot of weight and responsibility that gets burdened on the shoulders of
our guys ... and they have enough of that already !!

I just hope and pray all this 'Munich 50 Years' stuff isn't brought out into the
spotlight again !! Munich was Feb 6th 1958 ... This is May 21st 2008 ... The
Beginning of a new chapter for United - Fergie's 4th Great Dynasty ... Let's not
forget this !!

And once again ... I'll say ... this is said with no disrespect to anybody or anything
connected to Munich ... it is said in order to hopefully keep the pressure off our
guys, to give them the best chance to win ... People do have a habit in forums of
seeing things that are not actually there ... ;)

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I ain't going to sleep all night on the 21st because the game is on here on the 22nd and some of my man united/chelsea mates will come over to my place and we will do an all nighter till the game lmao...hopefully we can win!!

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Thats fantastic.

I was just thinking the other night that the Munich survivors should be invited to the final, especially since its 50 years.

If we win, I'll be even more delighted because they were there to see it. If we lose, I'll be even more depressed because they were there to see it.

Hopefully they can rise to the occasion and put on a performance that all the guys there would be proud of!
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