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Munich Tribute...Details

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You may remember i started a thread a while back asking for United fans on here to sign a petition supporting an idea, from "Denis The King" on RedIssue, calling for United players to wear a retro 1950s-style kit against Manchester City on 10 February and for the kit to be a one-off and not be available for purchase.

Well thank you to all who signed on here and other places and gigantic thanks the "Denis The King" for all his work. The voice of the fans spoke loud and has been heard.

The following has just been announced.​

Manchester United have announced plans to mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster on 6 February 2008.

* United players to wear a retro 1950s-style kit against Manchester City on 10 February
* Permanent, free exhibition telling the story of the Busby Babes
* South Stand tunnel to be renamed the Munich Tunnel
* Memorial service involving survivors, relatives of those who died, guests and fans
* MUTV to broadcast free-to-air on 6 February

The centrepiece of the commemorations will be the creation of a free, permanent exhibition telling the story of the Busby Babes. The exhibition, to be unveiled in the South Stand tunnel at Old Trafford (which will be renamed the Munich Tunnel), will be open to all visitors and designed to educate younger fans about the Busby Babes' early triumphs, the tragedy of the crash, the rebuilding process and United's eventual European Cup triumph in 1968.

A memorial service involving survivors and relatives of those who died will be held in the Manchester Suite at Old Trafford. The service will coincide with the moment in 1958 that the plane carrying players and staff back from Belgrade crashed on take-off at Munich airport. Details outlining how United fans can join invited guests will be published in January.

In addition, United's subscription TV channel, MUTV, will broadcast a series of exclusive, in-depth features and documentaries on 6 February, when all programmes will be free-to-air and without advertisements to Sky and cable customers.

The Reds' closest home match to the anniversary is on 10 February against neighbours Manchester City, who provided considerable support and assistance in the immediate aftermath of the crash and whose former goalkeeper, Frank Swift – a journalist on the ill-fated flight – died in the wreckage. Following a request some months ago, the Premier League has agreed to set aside its usual rules on kit design to allow the team to wear a special 1950s-style kit in the match, free from sponsorship and numbered 1 to 11. The kit is a one-off and will not be available for purchase. All fans present at the 10 February game will receive a memento of the occasion.

Club Chief Executive David Gill said: “The Munich air crash was not just about Manchester United. It devastated the lives of the 23 families of those who died, as well as those who never played again and united a city in grief. Those who are able to remember it say it was Manchester's 'Kennedy moment': everyone knows where they were when the terrible news came through.

“It is a heavy responsibility that those of us who work for this great Club and those who live and work in this magnificent city have to show respect, admiration and regret over that loss some five decades ago. I hope the exhibition will enable generations of fans to understand the place Sir Matt and his teams have in the Club's history, from the birth of the Babes to his crowning achievement in 1968.

“I believe that, in partnership with the families, fans, authorities, Manchester City and our sponsors, we have created a programme that will enable everyone to remember, pay respect to and learn about a wonderful side, cut down in its prime.

“The sincere thanks of the Club go to AIG and Nike for their wholehearted backing for the kit change, and to the Premier League for allowing us to mark the event in a unique way.â€

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Geordie I am very proud of you.....

You didn't put this in the pub :)

But sadly Sal already made this thread - and we have it in the news room....:(

Merged !
They should replicate this kit....

But add a tiny little logo somewhere on the shirt.....

Explaining this kits reason for existing......

And numbering them '1 of 16'.....'2 of 16' etc etc......

Then each of the 16 players sign their individual shirts........

And auction them off for the MU Foundation !!!

This would be a very good gesture :)

(I'd bid big money for Rooneys shirt - or Ronaldos for sure)
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SolskjaertheLegend said:
Define what you mean for 'big' ;)
Well for a very rare shirt - one of only 16 in the world - made entirely unique by Ronaldo's signature ......?

2000 pounds and probably more to be honest.....

How can you value it :confused:
You might have to rethink your idea of " big money". You would stand no chance of geting one for £2,000.

The owner of a pub near me paid £20,500 at auction for a framed United shirt signed by all the players from the 99 treble winning team. :eek:

And i'm sure there is already plans to auction the shirts worn on the day. Heaven knows what getting one would cost.
20,500 :eek:

He was robbed - this is worth only 1000 at maximum !!!
Really ???? I think you are a bit out of touch.

Replica shirt, NOT one worn in a cup final by a player, signed by 7 players....£1,999.
I'll challenge you to find a shirt worn by any player in the Champs league final 99 signed by the whole squad includind SAF. for ANY price.

Save yourself time wont find one. ;)

Ah OK I understand......:eek:

I have seen a replica shirt with 16 signatures from the treble winning team....

Including SAF......

With a 'Certificate of Authenticity'.....

Money back guarantee.....

Blah blah blah.......

For the rather nice price of.......

Wait for it.......

Wait for it.......

840 pounds :eek:
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Where on earth is that ? I would be well interested in buying that. You got a link for it ? Would look well smart on my bedroom wall.:D

Yes wait I go to find it again for you ok x

Actually I have it here, lmao.....

RichardsReds said:
Sugars someone want to buy that for me? I'd appreciate it!


Okie Dokie :p

I think it's a bargain at this price to be honest.....

It will only increase in value.....

Unless you spill your coffee all over it that is.......:eek:
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