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In Benzemas defence, the guy has huge potential. Whats wrong with poeple wanting him to come here? Doesnt every club want players who are young and of huge potential to be part of their club?

I do agree though, he is not proven YET at the highest level but he has all the attributes to make it and has at times shown glimpses of this in games at the top level. He is quick, strong, has great movement and feet and CAN finish. He based his game on his idol (brazilian ronaldo) and u can see by his movements that he is similar to him in many ways...note im not saying as good, just similar styles.

Another thing, while he is an out and out striker, he would in the united system like the rest of our strikers come deep at times or drift to the left or right, its just the way he plays and i agree, he might not even be a 30 goal a season guy but he would guarentee 20 and is of huge potential.

To be honest, i dont mind if tevez stay at all because he fights for the cause when he plays, so id be delighted if he is still playing for us next season. If he leaves and we get benzema, id be equally as delighted because benzema is a special player but right now i just cannot see him at united.

If he was to leave for spain, it would be madrid or barca but barca still have eto'o and he aint taking his place anytime yet and at madrid they have ruud, now huntelaar, higuain and are always linked with villa.

So its hard to imagine where he will go in the end. He could end up at a club like chelsea for all we know lol.

Basically if he is not playing in france next season (which he really does not need to be doing anymore now, he is far too good to be playing there for another season) and moves to england, hopefully its united. But we've heard many times that he would if possible, like to play for one of the big clubs in spain right?...but had not shut the door on united and milan either...

we'll see what happens!

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