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This isnt a digg or anything so everyone keep their lacey knickers firmly strapped to their hineys...What is the big factuation with QUITE alot of members on here and Karim Benzema?? Ive never heard about the guy so much till i came here.When Tevez is playing bad...''get Benzema'',When Tevez's price tag is disscussed ''forget Tevez,get Benzema''...Berba is a waste of space ''should have got Benzema''.Now i just want to know on what grounds people base the fact that this guy would come into the EPL, bang over 30 goals (which is what people seem feezable for £30,000,000 striker),be better than Tevez/Berba & fit straight into to each and every part of MUFC? Im not digging at the people that rave about him,and it this isnt a personal dig,but there are loads of strikers around that could come to OT yet Benzema seems to be on alot of peoples lips.......*kisses*
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