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I have been playing this for some time now, and i thought it would be a good idea for us avid fooball fans to start our own ManUtdTalk League..

Basically if you dont know what it is , its a website where you pick your own team and they are awarded points for goals scored, assists ect in real life.

Sorry Mods, if this idea has been done before, just wanna spice things up a bit :)

Ive created a league if anyone wants to join, and we can see who gets the most points overall at the end of the season! The website to register at is

When you have registered and created your team, click on "Join leagues" its on the right hand side panel, then enter this code : 1807978-351608

This is just an idea, if you dont want to join, you dont have to.. I have set it so the scoring starts from the 10th January (Next Fixtures after this week)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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