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Today may be the day !!

Romanians saying a little prayer for grieving Mutu

Football News - Euro 2008 Football News

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BUCHAREST, June 8, 2008 (AFP) - Romanian striker Adrian Mutu's career has
seen its fair share of ups and downs but this weekend indeed on the eve of his
team's opening Euro 2008 clash with France his many fans were lighting candles
and offering their prayers for their beloved son after yet another dose of bad

The Fiorentina forward looked to have put all his woes behind him after a fine
season with the Serie A side - who reached the UEFA Cup semi-finals and won
the final Champions League place for next season edging out AC Milan - only for
him to receive two bodyblows within days.

On Friday he was ordered by world governing body FIFA to pay former club
Chelsea 12million euros for revenues they claimed to have lost following his
sacking for testing positive for cocaine in 2004.

As if that wasn't enough of a hammerblow, on Saturday his adored maternal
grandmother died leaving him devastated according to team camp sources as he
had spent much of his childhood in the home of his grandmother at Calinesti, a
small town some 150 km northwest of Bucharest.

In a country where it is normal to cross yourself three times on passing a church,
many have gone inside them to either light candles or offer up their prayers for

God bless him....

He's had a life of bad luck and heartbreak.

He has a whole nation behind him tonight, no matter what happens.

Go Mutu !!!!!!!!!

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Looks like Romania are going out.

Serves em right for knocking out England all in 2002 i think it was!!

Nah only kidding...

I liked the Romanians this tournament. Hopefully they'll still get out of the group, a few minutes left in the games!
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