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My 2007 / 2008 Season Ticket For Sale

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Hi Guys

I am selling my 2007 / 2008 season ticket due to Saturday And Sunday working commitments

If Your interested please PM Me

Please note that if you want to take the season ticket over you can but please be aware of the following

* This season ticket will never belong to you, you will simply be 'renting it' on a season to season basis
* If you want to have the ticket for the following seasons you can have it at what ever price i pay for it
* Ticket holders are required to join the automatic cup ticket scheme, you must join the scheme and provide your credit card details when applying for This One Year Season Ticket. This means that All the cup games will be debited from your account by Man Utd as we progress through the cup games during the season.
* When purchasing My One Year Season Ticket you are agreeing to the One Year Season Ticket terms & conditions and ground regulations set out by United
* The Cost Of This One Year Season Ticket is £722 Pounds (Face Value)
* You can pay me when i receive it however YOU will need to register your card details with man utd before the season starts then you can either collect it in person or i will send it recorded delivery ( i live in manchester)

Please Pm me with serious enquires only and i will give you my home phone number to discuss it

Cheers for taking the time to look at this post

Please note that this ticket is advertised else where

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GeordieMancunian said:
Sounds illegitimate, dodgy, and confusing to me, why don't you just sell it on ebay?
I can assure you its not dodgy at all - why would i let you collect in person if that was the case, ive looked on ebay and cant see any for sale so im thinking i may get suspended for it - but ill give that a try !
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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