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Hi, Leicester fan here, i'm not here to randomly spam or nothing.

I study Criminology and Sociology B.A. Hons at the University of Bedfordshire. I am currently in my third and final year, and as we speak i'm frantically trying to finish off my Dissertation. The Dissertation is entitled (for now) 'Fans, their Club, and their National Team'. This is looking at the comparisons of football fans of smaller clubs such as ourselves (Leicester City) and how we feel towards our national team(s) and our club, and also how the fans of larger clubs feel towards their national side(s) and their club. I have chosen yourselves for this part of the research i hope you don't mind.

For my final piece of research on my Dissertation i have designed a questionnaire for our fans and also you Manchester United fans to fill in, so i can analyse and compare the two sets of fans.

It'l only take you two minutes to fill in, your help is greatly appreciated Manutdtalk.

The Questionnaire

Thanks for your help, and good luck at the Bridge at the weekend!

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He asks for our help so
I went to the clickable
link and clicked it, as you
do, and ....................
nothing, zilch, zippo,
niet, nowt, nuffin, zero,
what I am actually trying to say here is ...
it aint workin ...
now that is hardly a good way to go
about doing a survey is it - to close it down !!!
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