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My Manchester United bet

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Just a quick message to see what other ppl think of my chances in the bet i may be placing tomorrow, thought id get feedback before go for it.

Its a double bet on Manchester United to first beat Barcelona Wednesday night and then to beat Chelsea Saturday the odds are currently 14-1 so a £20 bet will get me £300

the odds for a Barcelona win and chelsea draw are 18-1 And its 12-1 for a Barcelona draw and a Chelsea win.

Im edging to the 2 wins at 14-1 but what do other people think i should do???
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that is the worst bet ever. If the odds were 120-1 I still wouldn't back it. We cannot win both games. 1 maybe not 2. I will give you the money myself. Anyone disagree make me eat my words after the games but I promise we will not win both those games.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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