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My team won in Polish football tournament today!!!

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I was invited to play for some polish men in a seven a side football competition at Soccerworld in the Westgate Community College Centre for Sport today, in Newcastle's west end, and I played in goal and I was also the captain of the winning team.

It was a terrific event and was a great event and the game was played with the passion, aggression and teamwork in which football is played.

I managed to lift the cup and celebrate with my Polish team mates and friends and we ended the afternoon with a few pints at a local Polish bar in Newcastle. A great turnout and a great day for us, the champions and we hope to go back next year and retain our title.

This has been my second title victory this year, playing for 2 different teams, in two different football competitions, I have managed to captain both my teams to the championship - it must be my winning mentality, excellent goalkeeping, and belief in my team to be successful, c'mon FA, hire me!

Anyway, I have added some pictures to my photo gallery which were taken at the event and posted on

I'm the guy in the blue Man Utd GK kit, if no one knows lol.
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When I saw the pics I thought it was a prison team........... :D

(only joking) nice mate...well done........You'll get all the chicks now........;)
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