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Great post, CROoney.

I enjoyed reading that.

You know the biggest problem with Fergie benching tevez is that whenever he's played in October and November, he's looked TOO eager.

He's been trying too hard and not playing his normal style. He's looked more hurried.
More urgency , but less end product.

I have to say though that you don't give berba enough credit. I like what he brings to the team and he DOES bring calmness and a target upfront.

The players suddenly have someone to aim for upfront and he can control the ball even underpressure. It's not his fault when he's team mates don't give it to him, so he drops back very deep and as Zoran Zlatanov said, apparently he's dropping deep under instruction.

Having seen Berba and his ball control, I simply couldn't do without it anymore.

Eventhough Roonie and Tevez were terriers and helped to defend from infront, Berba can do the same by positioning himself better as opposed to tevez' running and Rooney's still there to harass the opposition.

Think the answer is just some time for the players too gel and play for the team.
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