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Very well said Cro...

I think Tevez should be playing more games, WAY more then what he has done
and Berbatov hasn't impressed me for a full 90 minutes yet. Sure he's got great
skills and that, but all thats useless if you can't do it against the big teams.

He's taken something away from our attack rather then add something IMO. I
thought that hed be a great signing, loft it up to him if we're in trouble and he'd
lay it off, I haven't seen that ONCE this season. Rooney's job is to drop deep and
drive on, Berbatov's cming WAY too deep most of the time. A picky fan would
blame him for Arsenals first goal....

This is probably biased towards Rooney, but I think he should be playing 99% of
our games....probably a very "Rooney Fan" comment, but thats how I feel, I can't
help it.

Tevez and Rooney was a great combination! Have we actually scored any
great "team" goals this season? Remember Boro at home last year, midfield
combo's, Anderson into Rooney, back flick adn Tevez smashes home...

Right now, Berbatov's not worth his 30M to date, I hope he proves me wrong as
the season progresses but to date, no...
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