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thanks keano-

lol - i think that was my longest post ever !

and still i feel like i haven't said enough
I would like to agree with what you siad since i share the same views but i disagree with what want to imply with us not working with berbatov and tevez should play more. If you can imagine a situation where berbatov is playing with ronaldo and rooney and all of them should be attacking then the only thing missing with them is the link up.

With those three playing the best situation would be to have 2 midfielders who can link up midfield to attack and one to mop up or 2 to mop up and one to link them up.

Ronaldo starts from the midfield and is effective in that role while counter attacking but when we start to attack then he plays as a striker roaming all over the place, getting in the box and all that, rooney is also effective in the same role except he does not ghost in the box as ronaldo does. Berbatov is someone who can finish on his own one on one and can create the space for others to finish. Tevez does the same as rooney but the finishing is better and his game is better suited in the oppenent third.

What you have suggested was the way we played last year and if the question is why fix it if not broken then my friend i am sure there was room for improvement to the exploits of last season but as far as filling in the gaps goes i think we have created a few newer ones, ones for which we have not come up with the right answers YET.
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