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Berbatov08 said:
Possibly one of the greatest of my life!!! :D

Firstly on Saturday, me and my friend were down at OT with my Dad looking for tickets off a tout because they still hadn't got their's.. We had just given up hope when a taxi driver pulled up with a tout in the backseat and we struck a deal for two tickets. After that me and my mate said to ourselves - What will we do for the night, so we went to Picadilly train station.

From there we decided to get a train to Stoke-on-Trent and try to get a ticket for the Stoke vs Liverpool game - Slim chance. We got on the train at around 4.15 and arrived in Stoke at 4.45. Then we got a taxi to the Britannia. We asked the taxi driver, what were the hopes of getting tickets for the match and he said 0%, not a hope, they'd been sold out for hours. We arrived at the Britannia then around 5.10 and went straight to the tocket office, Sold out. Then a right shady character, in his fifties came up to us and asked us were we looking for tickets, we said yeah and he brought us to a big massive red gate knocked on it and two security guards opened it up

In front of us was the Liverpool and Stoke team warming up. The fella told us to give both security guards a tenner each as a backhander. After this he led us across the pitch, yes across the pitch and I was no more than a metre a way from the likes of Torres and Gerrard. On the way across he told us he was a member of the naughty forties-Stoke firm and he told us we could sit anywhere we liked because 'he ran the stadium'. LOL.

So we chose to sit right beside the corner flag beside the die hard stoke fans, so we could get a good look at Delap's throw ins from row 1. The setanta box was directly above us and we were given the finger to Mcmanaman for the entire game. PRICELESS.

Then when the game started, the atmosphere was absolutely bonkers. We literally sang from the first minute to the last. When we told the taxi driver on the way home, how we got in, he was in stitches...

Then on Sunday of course. The big one

Got to OT around 11. And walked around the stadium for a few hours, we walked up a huge stairway and went to the very top, where we found a door and it brought us straight into the directors box, where all the leather back seats were and everything. We sat down there for a bout an hour soaking in the stadium and the view. Then security came and in no uncertain terms told us to **** off.

Then at about two I collected my ticket off Scott and around 3.30 headed into the Stretty.

And it was definitely one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. The whole place absolutely erupted when Vida, Waz and Berba scored the goals. After the ninety minutes I was absolutely as high as a kite and went looking for autographs.

After getting Jonny Evans' and Vds, I was waiting for the fial player to come out - Cr7.

When he came out he did the full round and yes I got his signature on the back of my programme. Ecstatic. I'm still on a high.

What a weekend,eh? :)
this reminds me of two things - went to highbury for a night game against gooners in late 80s and got there well early so we went and had a mooch round the marble halls -- strolled in bold as brass saw where they played 5 a side boardroom the lot - when it came to leave a fully blinged up commisionaire blocking way out :eek: so we just wandered up to him and walked past --- muppet !!! other one was frankfurt robbie williams concert when a coach party of us were wandering round backstage as our driver parked in wrong car park and we went through open door . crazy thing was he had been pushed off stage not that long previous --- security eventually rumbled us and chucked us out among the masses .
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