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Sounds amazing mate and I couldnt be happier for you !

Must of cost you a small fortune the whole trip ?

Ticket to Manchester

Ticket for United match

Train ticket to stoke

Taxi to the Britannia

Taxi back from the Britannia

£10 in the Game

Berbatov you must have money to burn mate Im glad you enjoyed yourself but why the Fxxx would you get a train and taxi all the way to watch the Bin dippers when they were'nt playing United !!!

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Berbatov08 said:
A chance to go to the official ''loudest stadium'' in the prem playing against a team I despise more than anything else in the world. Also a bit of an adventure I suppose.

Total cost:ticket to manchester:80£ return including taxes, booked it 3 months ago.

Match ticket: 60£ off Scott, cost my mate and Dad 120.

Return Train ticket to stoke: 5.50£ only

Taxi to Britannia : 10£, then a ***** on the way back charged 18... :mad:

30£ fot ticket in total

My parents payed for the flights and the Utd Ticket as well,so :D

I didnt doubt you mate Ive seen your videos !!

Your a lucky lad Ive been past the britannia on my way to alton towers looks ok !! small though

Your a good kid and you know your stuff but I couldnt enter a stadium with liverpool or City playing other than against United

You must stink of scouse ewwwwwwwww!!!!!
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