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Let me ask some questions...

Is this thread necessary? What is the real objective behind the objective to name and shame? Have we taken things too personally?

Isn't this a forum where differences in views and opinions are only expected and perhaps even necessary? Is this not a platform for us to share, discuss, debate or even argue over the differences? Are we not supposed to be honest with what we post? Or are we supposed to sing in one tune in perfect synchronicity?

Did anybody go after you for your criticisms of Carrick and Nani then? If not, why are you doing this now?

Now that Carrick and Berbatov turns out well, do we not all be glad and rejoice? If/when Nani turns out well, do we not all be glad and rejoice too?

What are the players to you? Are they not mere employees of the club we all love? Are the players or the club more important to you? Are the interests of the player or that of the club more important to you? Where does your loyalty lies?

Legend or not, if a player played bad, what are we supposed to say? If the player played bad again, what we are supposed to say next? Are we supposed to expound only the good and abstain from the bad? Is that being objective or real?

Are not the players well paid professionals hired to do their jobs for the club who hires them? Are they not liable for criticisms if they underperform? If most of the players can understand and accept that, what is that for us fans?

Are we fans not stakeholders of the club too? Are we not naturally concerned? Do we all not want the best for the club according to what we honestly think is good? So what if we are wrong if our intention is genuine?

Or should we also start a thread to name and shame those who defend the player(s) at all costs at the expense of the club's ambitions and hence possibly be guilty of putting the players before the club?

Of course not, don't be silly.

Welcome to a forum.
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