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Ryan Giggs = Legend - Fact
Ryan Giggs = Perfect - NOT Fact.

Its as easy as that..

Not even the biggest Ryan Giggs fan could come out and proudly said that he is a perfect player all along...and name me one football player who are freed from any criticism at all?

Im head over heels in love with Giggsy and if i have to name and shame anyone for criticising him, i'll named myself and im not embarrassed at all for doing it. Ryan Giggs is a great servant, too great that after watching him everytime for the last 20 years, i tend to know too well his capabilities that anything less from him is kind of unacceptable to me. Of course it is unfair thou cause he is only human after all and tend to have his off form at certain stage of his career but i wouldnt take the blame alone cause he has pampered me too much with his brilliant performance and ability. I hate it when he isnt playing well cause i hate to read all these nasty comment about him but truth is why shouldnt he get these comment when he has the choice to play well and to avoid them? So to me right there, legend or no legend he is no different from the rest of the players. Play well you get the credits, play shit you got told off. What matter most is his form on the pitch...if anything, players as experienced as him should be questioned cause his responsibility are much greater than the rest. Everything else like how loyal he has been, how many achievements he has achieved, that is facts that cannot be changed and i acknowledge that highly,however not even that could make him invincible cause in the real world no one is.
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