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Im looking forward to the 2008/09 season, as im sure we all are on here.
But i am looking forward to seeing NANI & ANDERSON tear it up again.
I think we will see much more of them this year and i do think NANI will come along nicely as last year he was a bit greedy and was poor with his end product at times...We all know about andersons ability but it would be nice to see him in a more attacking roll than last year.

Who agrees/disagress?
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I cant wait to see them in action as they have enormous potential.
They aren't the finsihed article by any means but the future is bright.
Nani still has to convince me to be honest. His delivery and passing at
times was shocking, despite having a load of assists to his name.
He will get better though, he reminds me a bit of Ronnie in his first season here.

Anderson faded in the last few months of the season. He seemed burnt out
and he failed to feature much when it really mattered. I think maybe cos
Hargo, Carrick and Scholes came through with their experience. Nani will get
his chance cos of Ronnie's injury but Im not sure about Anderson.
I can see him being used more as an impact sub, especially if our other
midfielders are fully fit.

2 great young players, but they still have a bit to go and it will be enjoyable
watching them develop. Im dying for Anderson to score his first goal.
I hear he has something special lined up for his celebration lol ;-)
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Anderson really impressed me last season. I hope he scores a few goals in the upcoming season but his all round play was fantastic.

Jazz is right though - he did look burnt out by the end of the season. He had to play a lot of football when Scholes was out injured and he's never experienced such a match packed season before. It will be a gradual process to get his fitness levels up to the required standard but that shouldn't be hard for a young lad like him.

Nani showed flashes of brilliance but was very inconsistent, which has to be expected from a young player plying his trade in the Prem for the 1st time. His whipped in crosses from corners created a lot of chances for us and some of his goals were spectacular. An exciting young player who I'm looking forward to seeing improve over the next few seasons.
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nani and anderson the future of manchester united...................
anderson - fantastic midfielder....great attacking player........he do the work at defence area
nani - i have to agreed that he is greedy last season but he will learn something from the trio legend giggs, scholes, and neville..........
wtf nani ain't greedy :mad:
btw i think nani will assist allot more and i think anderson will be regular
yeh i like them both (no suprises with anderson lol) nani always looks like hes gunna do something but at the moment he cant pull it of 9/10 he fails but i think this season them odds will get better as he does, he will learn to pass it more and cross more its somthing thats comes with age.

as for anderson i think if he can start bagging some goals which hes capable of he could start seriously pushing for a place in the starting IX, he proved his worth in cover for scholes and i think well see him perhaps even become the worlds best midfielder if his progress continues
I think when he was dubbed the new RONALDINHO i expected a bit too know the fancy skills and evrything that he pulls off...look the other way passes that seem to be his trademark now..........But he does remind me of him when he runs with the ball, he covers so much field quickly!!
I have seen ANDO bust some nice skills but these were only on youtube against brazillian teams so mayb this season he will have better fitness and show more of his potential?? :D
I think Nani gets bored when he plays against sub-par teams, I'd say his best performances were against Arsenal in the F.A. cup, and against the Scousers at Old Trafford. As for Anderson, he's 1-1.5 years away from being the best midfielder in the world imo.
So far this season, and at the back-end of last season, these two have been largely disappointing. For all the promise they showed in late 2007, they're now being kept out of the team by Park and Fletcher, and with good reason. No dis-respect to those two, I'm actually becoming a big fan of Fletcher, but by now, I and a lot of United fans were expecting Anderson and Nani to be picked ahead of Park and Fletcher.
Laughing at this thread. Talk about blast from the past.

I think the signing of Tosic and Fletcher starting will be a big wake up call to both Nani & Anderson.

Nani has got to realize that Manchester UNited is bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo and that, if he doesn't start playing for the team, he's off.
Anderson need not worry. He's proven his maturity and team etchic, but he has to push on and after a season of learning the art of playing defensively in midfield, he now needs to develop the attacking / creative part of his game.
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