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After watching the Fulham game today I witnessed Nani dive AGAIN. Some might defend this and say that there WAS actually contact when Koncheski tried to make that tackle, but even so, our Portuguese starlet spent about 30 seconds after that, on the ground, holding a bodypart that in no way was affected by the challenge.

Yes, diving is all over the place and even Rooney tried to get that penalty by diving recently (against who I don't remember). And even though this all sickens me quite a bit I have sort of come to terms with these little moments and have tried to stop paying attention to them. But when Nani gets a push on his behind every other game and goes straight to ground for about a minute is a whole different story. It's an English game and he has just GOT to get used to the physical side of it and quit his antics. He has NEVER gotten injured from those "challenges".

I also know that I'm not the only one that thinks that Nani seems a lot like Ronaldo 3 years ago so hopefuly his acting will, at least, start fading away like Cristiano's with time! Wishing for it to go away completely nowadays is sadly too optimistic :( (not only in Nani's case!).
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