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Nani Speaks Quite Good English

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After only being in england for 4 or 5 months he speaks quite good english, anderson doesn't speak in interviews in english (he speaks in portuguese sp), but nani did on MUTV and he's actually quite good, link below (you may need to turn the volume up, my digital camera was quite far from the screen) :)
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Keano4taoiseach said:
Irish should be thought the way you said and so many more, by learning it the way languages should be speaking it.......:)
sure you cant be that far away from conamara lad bein from the wesht, go in and start talkin to the goons as gaeilge agus beidh tú líofa sara fada!!
my owld lads from the gaeltacht so ispeak pretty good irish, poems are a loada bollox, as ye were saying ya need to be forced into speaking a language to learn it, i picked up loadsa spanish in the few months i was studying in cuba having never learned it before, did french in school for 5 years and all i can say is i hate french!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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