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Need Man Utd Help !!!!

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I was debating with some poor scouser whether any1 ( except Gerrard, although given the form Anderson's in , his place is not saf too ) from their team could make it into our team. He said that ANY defender ( especially Finnan ) would make it in our team on the RB place ahead of Neville, and he said that VDS was junk last year ! He used an ACTIM index to prove his point and I replied that ACTIM is for mathematicAL stats and stuff and I said that Official team of the EPL was OUR ENTIRE DEFENCE ALONG WITH RONALDO,GIGGSY AND ROONEY ( I THINK )... I saw it last year and I used it to whind up some gooners but the problem is - I can't find it anymore... Can someone give me the offical team - (not actim )
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carlyluvsunited said:
Has a Liverpool player ever come to United ... :confused:

Apart from Sir Matt Busby ... :)
i dont think any player has moved between them since years and years ago some goon went to the pool but i think he was a nobody, they were on about it heinze was diagnosed as clinically insane!

Torres would get in the team we'd find some way of fitting him in... i don't think Gerrard would be consistent enough to hold a place down!! Mascherano is no where near the all round player Hargreaves is!
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