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Need Man Utd Help !!!!

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I was debating with some poor scouser whether any1 ( except Gerrard, although given the form Anderson's in , his place is not saf too ) from their team could make it into our team. He said that ANY defender ( especially Finnan ) would make it in our team on the RB place ahead of Neville, and he said that VDS was junk last year ! He used an ACTIM index to prove his point and I replied that ACTIM is for mathematicAL stats and stuff and I said that Official team of the EPL was OUR ENTIRE DEFENCE ALONG WITH RONALDO,GIGGSY AND ROONEY ( I THINK )... I saw it last year and I used it to whind up some gooners but the problem is - I can't find it anymore... Can someone give me the offical team - (not actim )
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Jazz 16 said:
Their 3 best players are Gerrard, Mascherano and Torres.
Not sure how or if they would fit into our team but not one other Pool player would even get close to our team.

omg, i can only say Jamie Carragher:S
i would choose Carragher, Gerrard and Torres as the 3 best..
I didnt really say Carragher would take a place in United, is just said i would put him in the top 3 och Liverpool.
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