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1st half-
Very poor, gave the ball away too much, poor passing, defensive errors, no energy
Nani- the best thing he did was a cross to Ronaldo except that he was really disappointing.I had hoped he would become a first team regular this season, but he has been nothing but a big flop. And i really hope this is the last we see of him.
United home crowd- really embarrassing. It almost seems as if they are there to watch a play instead of football game. No desire to urge the team up when they are down. I think if there is a ranking for crowd noises in the PL we would certainly be in the bottom 3.

2nd Half-
brilliant, excellent, outstanding and more such words
Tevez for nani-- master-stroke from SAF. Completely changed the game. He seemed like a harrier on a glass-full of steroids when he came on, closing down 4 players at one time in the half. This almost made me think we should sign him permanently.
Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov-- Rooney moved to left and was brilliant with 2 goals and 3 assists. Ronaldo,IMO, had his best half performance of the season. And today Berbatov[IMO MOTM] showed why he cost over 30 million. He was involed in about 4 goal, produced many other amazing passes and held the ball very well .

This 2nd half performance really makes me think why don't we play like this every game. Just go for it from the first whistle and just dump this patience sort of play we are playing. in this way, the opponents is under pressure from the start and they don't gather confidence. I really wish we would play like this every game.
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