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Trip To Old Trafford

On Sunday 29th, 2008. I went to Old Trafford, i enjoyed myself with the Stadium & Museum Tour. I was walking in a heavenlike for me. I took picture with the trophies and the stadium. It made me felt like my dream came true!

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Neville Will Still Be Captain - Ferguson

Barring a fleeting substitute appearance in last season's Champions League quarterfinal second leg against Roma, Gary Neville has not played for Manchester United in a competitive game since March 2007.

The England international full-back has since spent time out with a series of injuries and many feared his time at the top level was at an end.

Ferguson, who recently emphasised the importance of the few experienced players left in the squad and the role they would play, has elaborated, going as far as to confirm that Neville will still be captain when he recovers, despite that duty being shared by Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand during his absence.

“I’m hopeful Gary Neville can come back and I’m sure he can. At 33 it’s always difficult to have been out for a year, of course, but he’s such a determined character you wouldn’t bet against him coming back,” assured Sir Alex.

“If he does, it’s another string to our bow really in terms of experience, which is important.

“He is the captain of the club, and that will give him the incentive to return. He knows when he comes back, he’ll be captain again.”

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Well, I think Wes will start as RB no matter how much I want Simpson too :p But we won't go into that again.

I honestly think one more longish term injury for Neville and hes finished, as sad as it may seem.

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I have full faith in our captain. He has been a huge part of our club for over
a decade and he will continue to inspire and motivate the players around him.

He knows full well that he has a fight on his hands to regain his place.
Wes has been fantastic at rb since he took over from Gary after his
injury last year.

Neville will play some games, thats for sure. he will be so hungry to play
next season. Watching his team win the double and not be a part of it,
would have hurt him a lot. He is passionate and wants to play the game
he loves.

We never know what will happen with injuries......
Vidic or Rio could get a knock and Wes can easily step in there
as he proved last season, which will inevitably give Gary his chance to shine.

If Neville gets his chance and plays well he could stay in the team,
but he knows that will be tough.

Im happy with Wes out there but if Nev comes back to top form
Id be as happy seeing him at rb.

Either way, its great to have top options at rb.....
Besides Wes and Neville we have Hargreaves who excelled when
asked to play at rb and even right mid.

Simpson is a good prospect also and if we are really stuck
the likes of O'Shea or Flecther could play there....
as well as Evra and Silvestre switching sides.

Basically we are sorted for that position and the people that think
we are in dire need of a right back need to have their heads checked :)
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