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Gary Neville made his much awaited second comeback
tonight in a reserves game against Liverpool. He played
60 minutes and was then replaced by James Chester.
The captain was seemingly fine when he came off the pitch,
so hopefully he will be on the bench for the Fulham game.

Liverpool finished the game 2-0 winners although it
was cruel on the Red Devils. Eagles had a perfectly good
goal disallowed for offside in the first half and 2 minutes
before the end the same linesman chalked off a Simpson
goal that had clearly gone over the line. Kewell then ran
up the other end to make it 2-0. What an injustice on
Neville's comeback.

The linesman was a complete joke.
Neville looked decent. United had players like
Simpson, Pique, Wellbeck, Hewson, Eckersley(sent off), macheda
Possebon, Cleverly etc...

Simmo's goal was as far over the line as Pedro Mendes' goal. :mad:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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