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Manchester United captain Gary Neville explains how he sometimes misses the players he broke through the United ranks with, insists that youth are the heartbeat of the club, and stresses that he is due a goal.

There are few Manchester United players left of the famous class of 1992. Playmaking midfielder Paul Scholes and captain Gary Neville are the two notable graduates still at the club, while veteran winger Ryan Giggs broke through the year before.

Neville has now revealed that he sometimes laments the loss of his brother Phil to Everton, along with Nicky Butt (now at Newcastle), David Beckham (LA Galaxy/ AC Milan), Ben Thornley (Witton Albion), and Chris Casper (former Burnley manager).

Speaking to the club's official website, Neville explained: "I miss all the lads – like Butty, Becks, Ben Thornley, Chris Casper – they were great years when we were coming through and seven or eight of us were playing together for so long.

"But you move on and new young players come through. We've got Anderson, Nani, Rafael, Rodrigo coming through the ranks now.

"It's important that the club always moves on," he continued. "It's like a conveyor belt, some players fall off the end. Thankfully I'm still hanging on. But young players are so important to this club, they're the heartbeat of it.

"So, while I do miss some of the lads I used to play with, sometimes it's the right time for players to move on," he said.

Due A Goal

Neville also joked how he is due a goal. He has scored seven goals in a total of 552 games which averages at one in nearly every 79 matches - and he has gone the past four seasons and 78 games without a goal.

"According to the statistics I am due a goal, yes!" he said.

"But unfortunately it doesn't work out like that. Sometimes I've scored two in a season and other times I've gone three or four years without scoring.

"I love scoring a goal, but most of all I love playing for United and whoever scores doesn't really matter, as long as we win," he said.

Manchester United play Aston Villa this weekend.
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