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United's new third kit has been inspired by the success of 1968, when the Reds wore blue while becoming the first English team to lift the European Cup.

To celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the momentous night, Nike has created a kit worthy of that great team and their famous 4-1 win over Benfica at Wembley. United will therefore wear blue as their third kit for the 2008/09 campaign and as the preferred kit for this season's Champions League away matches.

The new blue shirt includes a number of details that celebrate the anniversary including the embroidery of the words 'May 29th 1968' and '40th Year Anniversary' around the crest.

The kit uses Nike Fit fabric technology, first used by Nike in national team kits worn by Nike-sponsored teams in the 2006 World Cup. This technology is designed to enhance player performance by wicking sweat through the material and away from the skin. A full mesh back on the player's jerseys also aids ventilation.

United defender Rio Ferdinand said: "When you look at the final image you will associate it with the great team of 1968 with the likes of George Best and Bobby Charlton.

"Obviously they won the European Cup in blue so we hope we can walk in their shoes again with this kit. It's such a big part of the history of the club."

can't wait.....

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GeordieMancunian said:
It'll be just like the 2002-3 blue kit, in which RvN scored at Highbury that season, with the nike logo in the same place and the man utd logo in the same place but with AIG on it.

I really liked that kit actually!

The silver writing on it......nice kit!

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That kit is amazing. I wish it was our 2nd kit as I don't like our current 2nd kit. We should have kept last season's black kit.

But back on this one, I love it, hopefully we actually get to see it for a few games.
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