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The devils's kit App is design basically to help club’s fans with all information and social facilities of the club. Among(features) which are
1. Watch millions of live match online for free:- it provide you with hundred of reliable online live match streaming channels showing different sports not only football, together with their fixtures, tables, and more
2. Chat: allow to chat with your club players, managers, other staffs and fans via match chat, fans forums.
3. Shop:- you can buy tickets for all fixtures, explore your team online store, manage your fan membership, enjoy fans rewards prizes, book for a flight to watch match, book for a hotel and more.
4. Options to open with your reliable browsers or real fan companion browser.
5. History:- club, players, managers, captains, goalkeepers, cups won, runners up…and so on history since establishment.
6. Fans forums:- connect you with over 500million fans of your team all over the world.
7. Allow you to share your updates using your own social network apps.
8. Explore all your team’s news.
9. Bundles help view your team fixtures, results, tables,…
10. Know each player with his own records, biography, and so on
11. An online quiz to test your know ledge on your team and know your fans level.
12. Gives you a chance to win prizes and bonus from your team.
13. Allow you to buy tickets, book for a hotel in the match host cities, book for a flight, buy goods and so on.
14. Explore your team membership account and more.
15. Thousands of latest videos, photos…. And more.
16. match news letters...
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Or call me on: +2349021047353
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