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New Away Shirt

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Anyone notice how many people were wearing the new away shirt on Saturday.

People will buy any crap if put it in front of them and call it a Manchester United Replica Shirt.
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Guys what about the shirt United are selling now with the Champions League embroidery from the final on the official website, i didnt bother getting the home shirt last season but im thinking of ordering this one, just special to remember a superb night
Agree on that JD, my lads have had quite a few
from tshirtsunited. Quality.:)

and why use the megawhore for shirts ?
Much better and got at least 10 myself.
100% good feedback, quality is outstanding,
delivery times are as stated ( often quicker)
and you just cannot tell the difference. :D
Are they fakes ??
because their dirt cheap lol ? and are they really reliable ?
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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