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Robbed this from another forum but its a great idea that Ive seen before.

Name any Premiership side playing in the 4/5th October games you think will win.
If they do, you progress to next week, if they don't, you're out.
Once you've used a team, you lose the ability to predict them in future weeks.
Hence the Last man standing

I'll keep a record of everyones predictions in this first thread.
You've got until your team choice kicks off to get your entries in. Good luck!
Ill get a vcash prize together for this (2000 vcash for the winner) and we can play it a few times this season.

Players through to Round 6
16-Keane-16 - Pompey, United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs
Zense - Pompey, United, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool
Red Devil Jeff - Pompey, United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton

Players through to Round 4
16-Keane-16 - Pompey, United, Man City, Chelsea
Babysenorita - Chelsea, Hull, Sunderland
Vava - United, Pool, Arsenal, Man City
Jazz - Pompey, United, Man City, Arsenal
Zense - Pompey, United, Man City
Iggy - Chelsea, Pool, Hull, Blackburn
Red Devil Jeff - Pompey, United, Arsenal, Chelsea

Players through to Round 3:

Keano! - Pompey, Chelsea,
16-Keane-16 - Pompey, United
Babysenorita - Chelsea, Hull
Sal - United, Pool
Vava - United, Pool
Lucky - United, Pool
Jazz - Pompey, United
Zense - Pompey, United
Blade - Chelsea, United
Iggy - Chelsea, Pool
Red Devil Jeff - Pompey, United

Members out of Round 2

Members Knocked out
RED till I DIE

Entries Week 1

Red =Still in comp
Italics means your out!

Keano! -Portsmouth
16-Keane-16 -Portsmouth.
Abo -Everton.
RFR- Man United.
Pizza- Arsenal.
RyanGiggs - Portsmouth.
Babysenorita - Chelsea.
Ritesh - Man United.
Razz - West Ham.
Hags - West Ham.
Sal - Man United.
Vava - Man United.
Lucky - Man United.
Jazz - Portsmouth.
RED till I DIE - Everton.
Hezzy - Everton.
Zane - Arsenal.
Blade - Chelsea.
Zense - Portsmouth.
Dwarf - Everton.
Jerrakos - Man United.
Keanefella - Fulham.
Iggy - Chelsea.
Fut - Everton.
Red Devil Jeff - Porstmouth.
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