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I have read about the Football's "Holy trinity" or big three consisting of some of
the best players of their generation. They were something else. Sir Bobby
Charlton said how they were all different but united by one thing.....they loved to
score goals.

They was some thing special that Best, Charlton and law brought to united during
that time. On their day they were our most lethal attacking trio.

Sir Bobby talked of how Best tormented defenses from an early age of 17.

Of how fearless Law was no matter what size of opposition he faced. And how he
always loved to hit the ball hard and early.

This got me thinking can fergie have his “Fabulous Five†in the same way Busby
had his “Holy Trinityâ€. More so this excitement comes from just glimpses of what
they have shown, rather than offered on a consistent basis.

It is a lot of expectation but can Rooney,Tevez,Ronaldo,Anderson and Nani in
years time offer the greatest attacking spectacle in Europe and maybe the
world ?

Why do I say this .Let's look at what the individual players have to offer.


Up to now he has not lived to the expectations of a nation. Yes, I do agree that
he has lost some of the edge in his game play in terms of instinct. We all
remember giddily how when he burst onto the European stage, how he carried
literally the entire England team with his graft, technique, bravery. Then he was
a brute, technically instinctive player He is a matured now he hasn't been red
carded in the whole of the 2006/2007 season which is a growing testament of
his maturity which he has shown and that his goals last season carried united
when they lost there main striker in Louis Saha.

What he has to offer to this new attacking Quintet?

His pace, instinctive genius, wonderful passing ability, growing maturity, bravery
defensive nous , work rate and his teamwork.


He has carried a lot on his shoulders ever since he arrived in England to play for
West ham in what was under dodgy circumstances. He literally carried them
away from relegation zone in the run up to the end of the season. If he
replicates the kind of scoring form that had him score in every two games he
could a very successful argentine at Old Trafford.

What he has to offer to this new attacking Quintet?

In what he lacks in pace he gives in movement, stamina, body positioning, work
rate . He battles to the very end. Experience surely is on his side at age 23 so
he should be able to lead the forward line during those nail biting crucial


Has matured a lot since he arrived at Old Trafford ,he has cut down on the
alleged play acting and turned into one of the most exciting talents around. All
the faithful, pundits believe that he has so much more to bring to the table as he
matures further.

What he has to offer to this new attacking Quintet?

His tremendous speed, his trickery, his ability to play with both feet and on both
wings. And his eye for goal, unselfishness, inspirational abilities and consistency.
His desire to improve his Game play should be what drives this lot much the
same way that Eric Cantona changed attitudes of the younger players at United.


He has surprised me; I didn't expect him to settle in quickly. He has stepped in for
the team when key players were injured or suspended

What he has to offer to this new attacking Quintet?

His crossing ability from corners, his powerful right foot, his pace.


Started off slowly but should come into his own after a while, definetly needs
more game time.

What he has to offer to this new attacking Quintet?

His passing, vision, tackling and desire to push forward have been evident in the
game against Wigan, so should things continue to go well for him he should turn
out to be a real revelation this season.

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The 'Holy Trinity' was such an apt and significant name for 3 of Uniteds greatest legends but I think you could be onto something here Carly. Id leave it as The 'Holy Trinity 2'-with Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez being the 3. Maybe in a few years time we can talk about the 5 but for now I think the present day 'Holy Trinity' are going to be carving defences apart all season long and for years to come. Good times ahead.....

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lovin the new look team emerging, andersons there to stay i reckon, his one touch passing accuracy is sublime, his dribblin, eye for goal, he got it all.

Tevez is sheer class, undoubted, would like to see him finish 90 mins though, subbing roo off sometimes rather than him would make me happy. Seeing him sign a longer contract would make me happy also

Nani on the contrary to wot some people mite be saying or thinking, i dont think is settled yet. He has the talent obviously, giggsies successor for sure, but i get the feeling he is a little peeved at not being included in the ronnie and anderson hooker romp, which hurt him a little and now he's a little unsure of himself amongst the rest of the squad, he needs a little love i reckon but whether he'll get that at united i dunno, ole's probably your man to share a problem with.

Ronaldo needs to wise a little this season, he is magic but, looks a little bulky and if he too repeat last seasons form, big goal tallies wont cut it, consistency and composure is the key, it is early stages though

Fletch, carrick, hargo, cant put a foot wrong in my eyes, maybe im a racist cynic
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