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lovin the new look team emerging, andersons there to stay i reckon, his one touch passing accuracy is sublime, his dribblin, eye for goal, he got it all.

Tevez is sheer class, undoubted, would like to see him finish 90 mins though, subbing roo off sometimes rather than him would make me happy. Seeing him sign a longer contract would make me happy also

Nani on the contrary to wot some people mite be saying or thinking, i dont think is settled yet. He has the talent obviously, giggsies successor for sure, but i get the feeling he is a little peeved at not being included in the ronnie and anderson hooker romp, which hurt him a little and now he's a little unsure of himself amongst the rest of the squad, he needs a little love i reckon but whether he'll get that at united i dunno, ole's probably your man to share a problem with.

Ronaldo needs to wise a little this season, he is magic but, looks a little bulky and if he too repeat last seasons form, big goal tallies wont cut it, consistency and composure is the key, it is early stages though

Fletch, carrick, hargo, cant put a foot wrong in my eyes, maybe im a racist cynic
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