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reddwarf said:
I've said it before and I'll say it again...

Get his wife on and she can talk about whatever she wants!
I'd prefer to Get on his wife :p

I actually don't mind Redknapp, he speaks very well about the game ( got that from his father ) and has given LOTS of praise to UTD and our players over the last couple of seasons, (and coming from a former Liv player I think that speaks volumes about his character ) saying all last season that he expected UTD to beat Chelski to the league. Just because he's tipping Chelsea this season doesn't mean he's slagging off UTD. Sometimes you need to take off your rose tinted spectacles as a football fan. As much as I hope and PRAY that we'll make it a hat trick this season I actually think Chelski will just pip us to the title and thats not being anti UTD or supporting them any less, it's just what I think will happen for various reasons. Yes Redknapp will always be a dirty dipper (I've booed him many a time at OT when he was playing for Liv and Spurs) but he's one of the best pundits on T.V IMO, his comments always being unbiased and well informed and constructed.
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