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RedForceRising said:

I have mixed feelings about this.

While it seems like a good idea on paper, I would prefer that managers can name the subs they want. If I were a young player rising through the ranks and named on the subs bench while this rule was enforced, I would have serious doubts about whether I merited the inclusion because of my performance or merely to make up a quota.

Also, this rule doesn't give the young players a true picture or feedback about where they stand in the pecking order or how close they are to breaking into the first team.
Agree 100%.

This will probably be irrelevant, as younger players in England will be getting a lot more money than in Scotland, for example, but the younger players are going to be getting all the bonuses, and will end up having more money than the players who are also at their level but who haven't been lucky enough to named on the bench.
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