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I agree with the team you proposed, but to be honest I can't see how some people can put Vidic ahead of Brown. Aside from his injury problems, which seem to have cleared up somewhat over the past season or so, Wes's form has been consistently good. Though we know Wes can play right-back, there's no question that he's more effective as a centre-back.

We definitely need a defensive midfielder, at the very, very least. None of O'Shea, Smith, nor Fletcher can be considered top class defensive midfielders. As much as people say Smith can, he's a striker by trade, and that's his skill set. He has the attitude, not the skills. O'Shea's too lazy to play in the middle of the park, and Fletcher isn't aggressive enough to be our ball-winner there.

Rossi and Pique need some first team action so their progress isn't halted, that's for sure. David Jones looks like he's also ready for some, considering his performances out on loan. I'm not so sure about Foster being a suitable backup, since the most he's played is Championship level.

Let's face the facts regarding Solskjaer too. He's had more than a year out with injury, and he won't ever be the same player he was before. He's what, 33 now? He's not worth considering as viable backup for the first team anymore. Good to have him for his experience which he can pass on to the younger player, though.

The fact that other teams have done some summer business allows United to go for the people they want to go for now. Question is, will Chelsea go for whoever we want, and will we even be going for the right people? SAF's judgment regarding players has been relatively on and off in recent seasons.

Like I said, though, one thing is for sure: we need a top quality defensive midfielder. That should be our #1 priority this summer. Anything else should come after that problem is resolved.
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